четверг, 15 декабря 2016 г.

From well-known and time-tested companies, we are always waiting for just quality stuff. And it pleases, when expectations are reality. If you are in doubt about choosing a vacuum cleaner, I can safely recommend the Bissell 1548 ProHeat from the company Bissell!

You may ask: "What is so good this vacuum cleaner?"

So there you go!

1) In the three-level filtration system vacuum cleaner suction water filter.


Level 2 - intermediate filter (motor protection filter)

Level 3 - HEPA - filter (which holds 99.99% of the particles fall into it).

2) From the vacuum cleaner there is no smell after cleaning the air in a clean apartment. When pumping water there is no dust. It is recommended for allergy sufferers.


When the baby is sleeping in the nursery, I can safely vacuumed the entire apartment, completely without disturbing the child's sleep.

4) the length of the power cord.

Some one razetki enough to vacuum the entire apartment (of course it all depends on the size of your apartment and on how the sockets are located).

5) Convenient storage of small TUBES INSIDE cleaner.

Nozzle for hard to reach places and tips for upholstered furniture are included, I did not buy a nozzle for mattresses.

6) Includes antifoaming LIQUID (Foam Stop). Balances for cleaning the floor and sucked dirt (dust) is collected in a water bath, which can occur the formation of foam. Apply suppressant liquid to avoid it.

7) Includes Turbo nozzle is present, ie brushing and dust absorption occurs simultaneously.

8. The availability of additional CHOKE.

Eslii need to reduce the suction pull, you just move the hose to choke.

9) KARCHER provides a guarantee of 10 years!

Well this can not be happy?


1) each time (after the use of a vacuum cleaner) should be as follows scrub and dry the water filter container, the lid and the sensing plate.

After cleaning, you can not just remove a vacuum cleaner and go about their business. You will all wash and dry. I do not just rinse it under running water (as written in the instructions to the vacuum cleaner) the whole water filter system and HOW TO MY sponge with detergent. Simply rinse under running water, the dirt will not go anywhere with the filter walls.